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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 29, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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shore. national hurricane center says the center of the post tropical cyclone, sandy expected to make land fall anymore now. we're seeing part of that system moving on shore right now. you'll see that we do have some heavy rain moving across the isolated amounts of up to a foot. and atlantic city, overcast jumping to 22 miles per hour. we've seen wind gusar up to 82 r hour. watching this carefully, snow has been falling in the mountains and expecting two to three feet of snow. goitsing to move northwest ward but this combining with cold arctic air creating snowfall. we're expecting again two to three feet of snow here. heavy rains and that is going
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to likely lead to more flooding in that area. i'll have the latest on th local weather and the rain possibility. >> thank you very much. ews is livet moffe field. bay area members of the national guard a headed to help in search and rescue operatns >> re right. five huge car planes have field here carrying 100 personnel. the largest plane that left here is a c 17 globe master. it's carrying two helicopters which are essential to operations. 129 rescue wing of the california international guard is trained for these types of deployments. many of men and women going on this mission have actually taken part in other hurricane air rescue operations so they
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know what to expect. hours can be long, work can be dangerous, and rewards, amazing. on ha aimilar assignment during hurricane floyd in 1999. >> we had taken people off the top of their houses and we did 12 plus hour days where we'd be at night. picking up people's flashing flashlights. >> the 129th wing is being spent to -- sent to charlotte, north carolina. right now, the international guard personnel don't know how long they'll be deployed. it will depend on where it hits, where they're needed. 129th wasredit with helping to rescue more than 300 people in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. >> thank you very much. travelers are really
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struggling trying to figure out how to get home now that hurricane sandy caused many flights to be cancelled. david louie joins us with that part of the story. >> there is no question vacationers had difficulty getting back to the east coast but some people missed plane connection goesing to europe. cancellation of 150 flights here today have left a lot of people scrambling to trying alternative ways to get to the east coast. a number of airlines set up special counters to handle rebookings. some found they had to come up with their own. this family's return flight was cancelled yesterday. >> only way we can figure out how to get home before wednesday was to fly to st. louis, through denver with a three hour ler then drive chusetts, 22 hours.
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>> that is a nightmare its a mess, a mess. but you know i just hope we're driving. >> some resident couldn't reach her airline by phone. >> i stayed on the phone 20 minutes. nobody answered. just rings and rings then you're on hold. >> in all 150 inbound and outbound flights were cancelled. 17 major airports shut down, minute meta also faced cancellations. sfo airport spokesman says it won't be easy for airlines to make up for cancellations.. >> they need to get airplanes and pilot asks crew back into the proper position that may take a day or two beyond what weather goes through. >> not just passengers or impacted. ship wire is one of the largest companies for online retailers. most depend on air cargo.
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there is a pennsylvania warehouse in the storm zone. >> for every 24 hours there is an impact from a series perspective due to weather or national disaster. it means we're going to have a 48 hour or up to three day delay to recover from that. >> airline analyst tells me that once the east coast airports reopen, airlines may choose to operate more flights or larger more seats in order to makeup for the cancelled flights. that will depend on availability of pilots and crews and restrictions they have on mandatory rest periods. >> we'll have continuing coverage throughout the evening. abc news will have live storm courage on world news at 5:30. and there will be a special
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one hour edition of night line right after our late news abc news at 11:00 p.m. >> let's talk about world series champions, san francisco giants just returning home in the last hour or so. the team arrived just after 4:00 this afternoon. fans and friends waiting for the cheering as they walked off the plane. then drove to giants ballpark for abc 7 news was waiting with a lot more fans to see world champions. what a scene there. >> oh, my goodness, yes. let's talk about this. the team celebrated last night. but as the saying goes there is no place like home. the champs arrived here in six large buses and a crowd erupted. take a look at this.
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they became a sea of orange and black, especially when pablo sandoval jumped off the bus. bruce bocci first said he was number and speechless but he found his voice. >> we let them go. we let them be themselves. this is guys that cared about each other they played as 25 guys. it's amazing what can happen when you get a group like that. is he said this is yours, boys. they earned it. that is one trophy they can look and say we've earned that one. >> pablo sandoval said he
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cannot wait for wednesday's parade. the motto is 25 players one goal to win. we found a fan holding a sign saying mission accomplished. they're filling in now and the they are savoring this victory. live in at and t park abc 7 news. >> this is just thrilling. ask by and large coast folks just having fun. unfortunately some fans took celebrations too far. sky 7 overhead and things got heated in parts of the city. fans started fires and destroyed property. vic lee is here to take a look at the damage done. >> you know most of the revelellers are having a good time celebrating peacefully and in fact about 10 thu of them gathered at the civic
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center yesterday to watch the game on the big screen. there are problems then. as night wore on, things changed. parties turned bad late in the night. troublemakers stopped traffic. and any car was fair game. >> people said up fire works and barrel bonds. some in the crowd broke windows of the muni bus but what angered the mayor is this. burning of another bus. >> burning of the bus that costs the city almost $1 million? we're going to have to compensate for that. to find ways to compensate the city. >> revelers threw furniture and trash cans.
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a huge crowd celebrated late into the night. there are more fires, police monitored the situation when command officers felt waits out of control, they went in. revelers said they exhibited restrint they kind of let it happen. >> almost all for felonies. they confiscated two guns.. >> arrests going from drunkenness to shooting a rifle out of a window. >> the chief says the fires surprised his staff. it was something they did not expect. firefighters wanted protection because crowds were going too large. the situation became extremely fluid. the chief says there is no plan to deal with the fires.. >> we couldn't have known that fire was going to be an issue to the degree it was.
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we would have form lated the plan going in as to what the fire department felt would be a safe circumstance for get in more rapidly. >> the chief believes this strategy was a good one. there are extra officers deployed around the city. he says in those areas there is potential for violence. and civic center. he said he believes police officers used just enough force to stop the violence. vic lee abc 7 news. >> it was only a few people that did that. most just having a good time. if you want a giants world series champion tee shirt get ready to wait in line this, is the scene outside of the giants dugout store. fans lined up around the corner brit opened and were snapping up caps, shirts and sweat shirts. many fans want to be decked out.
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and now agents from homeland security are also keeping an eye on giants merchandise. today showing off some of the 1200 items confiscated, being sold outside at and t park. agents say it's missing official major league baseball tag and printed is just not well made. >> fans going to get a chance to celebrate giants victory on wednesday. i want to show you video from the last parade. they traveled to downtown san francisco. the parade start agent 11:00 a.m. you can watch live right here on abc 7 on wednesday, we'll stream it live for you through our ipad app and web site. bart, cal train, ferries will be increasing service.
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>> remarkable. >> let's move on to other news tonight. still to come a verdict in the michelle le murder case. the victim's family tells abc 7 news if they're satisfied with the outcome. >> also, did you plan a vacation of a lifetime only to have hurricane sandy hit? michael finney takes a look at what travel insurance can buy you. the news continues in
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there is a guilty verdict in a high profile bay area murder trial. after four days of deliberation a jury convicted gisele esteban of first degree murder for killing her former high school class mate, michelle le, le last seen leaving a hospital. nursing class in may 2011. her body found months later in an east bay field. prosecutors say esteban
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thought l exwas developing a wrip her old boyfriend. le's family says they're glad to have closure. >> it felt like yesterday we're going through all of this. and to wrap ut up, it's the right choice. it's -- it's lifting the burdenen. -- burden. >> she faces up to live in prison when sentenced for the crime next month. >> the man suspected of killing a retired schoolteacher appears in court today. darnel keith washington faces a multitude of charges including robbery, burglary and car jacking. police say he and his wife tonya murdered 55-year-old suzy ko this month. tonya still faces extradition from washington state. >> let's get back to huge storm back east. sandy. >> michael finney is here
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tochl plain how to protect yourself. >> this is why you buy travel insurance. people don't think of natural disasters but this is it. those with travel insurance will have an easier time getting through this. thousands of travelers have been be stranded. so many flights traveling to or three storm areas passengers are stuck as far as texas and france. >> it's cancelled no. clue how i'm going to get there. >> so now what? travel providers have little they must do legally. airlines are allowing passengers to rebook flights without costs as long as they fly by this weekend. most hotels are allowing for refunds but not all. call and check. cruise ships heading out of harm's way, many will keep
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cruising. just not to the planned destinations. most cruise ship contracts allow for changes. passengers must wlif that. that is why travel insurance is important. those with it will be refunded generally without issue. those stuck will get hotel rooms without additional costs. now those looking to rebook those stuck there or if you're here, will have a hard time getting through on the 1-800-number. if you go through travel insurance they do rebooking for you. >> thank you michael. >> sure. >> sandhya patel says that there is a big super storm headed. >> 80 miles per hour at the time land fall just occurred near atlantic city, nblg -- new jersey. let me show you a picture now. live picture, here is what you're dealing with.
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it's fog and so dense, gate bridge barely visible there. we'll talk about that in just a moment. let's go to doppler radar. you'll see where sandy is located. bands of heavy rain continuing to move in ahead of the storm. it just made land fall here this is very heavy wet snow expected there. rainfall totals four to eight inches expected. we bring you to the bay area, our live doppler 7 still tracking fog. as a matter of fact visibility running low. temperatures in the 50s near the coast. inland areas seeing 70s, highs into low 60s coast side, low
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80s inland. visibility down to half a mile. it's foggy and we're expecting more dense fog overnight tonight. rain likely late halloween, i'll show you a computer animation. so dense fog advisory for north bay interior valleys begin agent midnight tonight running until 9:00 a.m. expect visibility less than an age of a night. morning it's dicey for that morning drive. there could be delays again. so you'll see fog so first thing in the morning waking up to fog not just near coast but along the east bay shores. temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s. once again, give yourself extra time when you head out of the door. fog will be slowing you down for morning commute if your travels take you through areas where we're expecting fog this, is a system going to bring us rain on halloween.
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so it arrives wednesday evening. if you have little ones you're probably watching this carefully. here is a computer animation, clouds want to clog wednesday afternoon and then, as we head into wednesday evening cold front begins to press south. and rain will first begin and then, as we head into 7:00 or 8:00 rain presses south ward. if you get your plans in early you'll be okay but rain will continue to move south at 11:00 and moving south and east so morning commute on thursday with scattered showers behind the front looks newscasty. at this point with the timing of the system. looking at high temperatures tomorrow, they're going to continue to trend lower inland. we'll go with mild readings, sunshine, 76 livermore, 71 oakland. san francisco, 67 degrees. san jose, 73 degrees looking
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at monterey bay temperatures 67 in ront may. 78 in morgan hill, accu-weather forecast, dense fog tomorrow morning. cooler on halloween with rain arriving late into the evening. showers thursday morning. then, we'll see a sunny milder pattern into the weekend. giants parade wednesday looking just fine. it's good. victory weather ride for giants. so thank you very much. >> just head it's mission accomplished for a company. the special delivery the capsule made on the voice. >> at 6:00 tonight a serial killer leads police to his victims at 6:00.
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san francisco police are trying to solve a bizarre cap
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on a bart passenger. the victim says he heard a noise behind him. he woke up, 10 minutes later one of the ear lobes was missing. someone sliced it off. police are looking at cameras to figure out what happened. >> southern california based space x sell brailting first complete mission in its billion dollar contract with nasa. they saw the dragon unmanned capsule return to work. the dragon carried supplies to the space station this summer. and tomorrow, any fan can see the space shuttle endeavor, after a parade through los angeles the shuttle stationed at california science center. it will be on display free of charge.
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it will be the center piece of the new air and space wing taking about five years to complete. >> i can't wait to see that. >> so much more is ahead on the geents. >> yes. >> oh, my goodness. >> parade coming up on wednesday.
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we continue to follow a major developing story. home coming of the san
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francisco giantsful they and world series trophy arrived at at and t park today. we'll take you back there live at 6:00. tonight a new angle on the richmond fire, turns out if chevron has to pay a fine, cities that were hit hardest will not get the money z a story only on abc 7 news tonight. recovery of a young woman who took a tragic fall in yosemite national park. >> world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching we're going live with you great pictures. that is the giants world series trophy and the team arriving back in san francisco a little bit before 4:00 this afternoon. >> look who is holding that. home run king of the series. what a great, great series it was. >> look at how many people. thousands turned out. >>


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